Spirit Day Make Up Work

Hi Teens, Parents and Sponsors,

We were sad to miss you on Spirit Day.  We spent the day learning about the sacrament of Confirmation and growing in our relationship with the Holy Spirit.  Below are a series of videos and documents for you to complete.  It’s hard to replicate the experience of Spirit Day, but I hope you find the information helpful in your spiritual journey. Please have a paper and pen on hand before beginning.

Part I: Parents please complete this portion with your teen.
Begin in Prayer:

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

One of you please proclaim 1 Samuel 3:1-18


While playing this music video, Parents: write a prayer for your teen asking the Lord to assist him/her on his/her Confirmation journey.

Teens: write a prayer asking God for any assistance you may need in your time of Confirmation Preparation.

What is Confirmation?

Parents please share with your teen about your Confirmation experience.  Then listen to Kaitlyn share about her Confirmation experience at St Timothy’s.



Then watch this video together up to 3 minutes 11 seconds. Take notes on how Chris Stefanick’s life changed after he received the sacrament of Confirmation.



So far we’ve talked a lot about how the sacrament of Confirmation transforms us on in the inside and has the power to change our lives, but what actually happens at the Confirmation Mass?  Scroll up and watch the second half of Chris Stefanick’s video and identify the 4 main parts of the Rite of Confirmation and enter them in the form below.


Parents we are so happy that you are participating in this preparation with your child. You have been there through baptism, reconciliation, and Eucharist  with them.  Sacramentally Confirmation will complete what God began in the soul of your child at baptism. You have been a witness to your child of faith since they were born and we urge you to continue to urge them on in holiness.

Watch together Kaitlyn’s witness about the importance of her parents in her Confirmation and faith journey.

Part II: Having a Relationship with the Holy Spirit

Teens please watch this video with Father Dave Pavonka from Franciscan University.  He speaks about who the Holy Spirit is, how we can receive him into our lives and have a daily relationship with him. Parents you are welcome to watch if you like.   The video is 25 minutes long. Please take notes on 1) signs and symbols of the Holy Spirit 2) how the Holy Spirit can act in our lives.

Part III: The Gifts & Fruit of the Spirit

Teens you will need a Bible for this exercise or you may use this website to look up Scripture.  Complete this google doc before moving onto the next section. At Spririt Day Courtney shared about how the Holy Spirit has been active in her life.

Part IV: Choosing a Saint Name

Teens please read Roman’s Notes on how to select a Saint Name.  There is also more information on the Confirmation webpage under the Saint tab to help get you started.

Part V: Pentecost

Ideally this discussion would occur between teens and their sponsors.

Teens: Tell your sponsor why you chose him/her to be a sponsor.  Tell your sponsor where you are at in your faith life right now.

Sponsor: Share with your teen about your own Confirmation experience.

How to be an Effective Sponsor Guide.2016

Pentecost and the Sacrament of Confirmation are closely related.  Watch this video to find out how.

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Close in prayer together by saying aloud ten times: “Come Holy Spirit.”