First Eucharist

Preparation for First Eucharist is not preparation for one day when your child gets to dress up, have a party and a great great picture with our Pastor. Preparation for First Eucharist is about nurturing your child’s relationship with Jesus. It’s about drawing your child deeper into our Church family through participation in weekly Mass and building relationships with other children and families. These relationships and frequent reception of the Eucharist are what will carry them on their journey as a lifelong disciple of Christ. We look forward to getting to know your whole family

What if I don’t have a DVD player? You can access the videos here. All the videos have great Spanish subtitles!

Si no tiene un reproductor de DVD, puede acceder los videos aquí. Todos los videos tienen subtítulos en Español

We will be continuing to use the Blessed series from Dynamic Catholic. Each child will receive a workbook, leader guide (for parents), and a DVD set. Children should write in their workbook. When children attend their “Show & Tell” at the end of 6 weeks they may return the DVDs and Leader Guide so they can be used by next year’s class.

Continuaremos usando la serie Blessed de Dynamic Catholic. Cada niño recibirá un libro de trabajo, una guía para lideres (para los padres) y un juego de DVD. Los niños deben escribir en su libro de trabajo. Cuando los niños asisten a su “Mostrar y contar” (Show & Tell) al final de las 6 semanas, pueden devolver los DVD y la guía del líder para que puedan ser utilizados por la clase del proximo año.


First Eucharist Parent and Child session on Sunday, February 13 from 1:30-2:45pm in the Church. 
 We are looking forward to offering a dynamic presentation for parents offered in both English and Spanish and our very talented parishioner, Karen Watson, will be teaching your children in the Chapel during the meeting.

  • At this meeting you will receive your First Eucharist materials
  • Everything you need to help your child prepare for his/her “Show & Tell” (interview)
  • Tips and support for bringing your child to Mass
  • Opportunity to meet other parents who can support you
  • An updated calendar (you can also view the calendar below)

Sesion de Primera Eucharistia para Padres e Hijos:  Domingo, 13 de Febrero de 1:30-2:45pm en la Iglesia. Esperamos ofrecer una presentación dinámica para los padres en inglés y español. Y nuestra talentosa feligresa Karen Watson, estará enseñando sus hijos en la Capilla durante la reunión  

  • En esta reunión van a recibir los materiales para la primera eucharistia 
  • Todo lo que se necesita para ayudar preparar a su hijo para su entrevista
  • Consejos y apoyos para traer a su hijo a misa
  • Oportunidad de conocer otros padres que puedan apoyarlo 
  • Un calendario

The Best Way to Prepare your Child for First Eucharist is to bring your child to Mass. It’s ok if your child doesn’t like to sit still or be quiet, most kids don’t. But they will get better and better at it with practice. We want them here with us. Here are some tools to help you do that.

  • Check the schedule to see if Children’s Liturgy of the Word will be offered at the Mass you plan to attend.
  • Bring spiritual books! We have many books for children in our Parish library in the Parish Center. Here are some favorites you can also purchase.
  • Pre-Game with videos like these from Catholic Kids Media or Holy Heroes that help your child know about the readings each week.
  • Get into the routine. Plan out at the beginning of the month when you’re going to Mass. Do you have special clothes to wear, people to sit with or visit afterwards? Do you always get donuts after Mass? Make it a special family time your children look forward to.
  • Continue to learn yourself. Coming up is a webinar called “Mass: Why it is truly the Power Hour” with Fr Mike Schmitz. You can register for that here. Also check our resources through our Formed subscription.


We will not be holding “interviews” this spring. Rather a team of adults from our parish who love Jesus, the Eucharist and children will be here on two Monday nights to meet with your child so your child can SHOW them their work and TELL them about their relationship with Jesus and their experience of the Mass. You can use this Study Guide or the one below to help your child prepare. Your child should come with their workbook completed.

La Mejor Manera de Preparar as su Hijo para la Primera Communion es llevarlo a Misa. Esta bien si a su hijo no le gusta quedarse quieto o callado, a la mayoría de los niños no les gusta. Pero mejoraran cada vez más con la practica. Los queremos aquí con nosotros. Aquí hay algunas herramientas para ayudarle a hacer eso.

  • Consulte el horrario para ver si la Liturgia de la Palabra para niños se ofrecerá en la misa a la planea asistir. 
  • Trae libros espirituales! Tenemos muchos libros para niños en nuestra biblioteca parroquial en el Centro Parroquial. Aquí hay Algunos favoritos que también puedes comprar .
    • Their Discover! Bible
  • Mostrales videos como estos de Catholic Kids Media o Holy Heroes que ayuden a su hijo a conocer las lecturas de cada semana
  • Entra en la rutina. Planifique a principios de mes cuando vaya a misa. Tiene ropa especial para ponerse, personas con las que sentarse o visitar después? Que sea un momento familiar especial que sus hijos esperan con ansias

If you are an adult seeking information about joining the catholic church, if you were raised catholic but never received the sacraments of First Reconciliation or First Eucharist, or if you are looking for information about First Reconciliation or First Eucharist for an older child or a teen-ager you should look into the RCIA (Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults), or our RCIA(afc) programs.