Parish Library

Parish Center  Library


The library is located in the Seton room and is available during office hours of 9am 4pm Monday – Friday and when room is not in use for another activity.

Library Catalog as Excel Spreadsheet


  • We operate on the Honor system and are self-serve
  • Please observe a borrowing limit of three items.
  • All items may be checked out for three weeks at a time.
  • Please treat the library materials with care and return them in good order.


  1. Pull the library card out of the pocket on the item.
  2. Write your name and phone number or email on the library card under “issued to”.
  3. Write today’s date under “date”.
  4. Place the card in the small black box.


There are 2 conveniently located Library Returns baskets.  Please do not attempt to re-shelve the items yourself.

  •  One brown basket is located in the church vestibule.
  •  One black basket is located in the bottom of the library shelves.


Donations may be placed in the return baskets in the church vestibule and library. The library accepts:

  • Books
  • Audio Books
  • DVD’s
  • CD’s
  • (No VHS or Cassettes, please)

All donated materials will be evaluated for adherence to the teachings of the Magisterium, as well as physical condition and relevance. Any item donated becomes property of St. Timothy Catholic Church. Those donated items which do not fit these guidelines may be resold, donated to other organizations or otherwise disposed of at the discretion of the Library Committee under the guidance of the Pastor.


New books may be donated in memory of a loved one, in thanksgiving, or to honor a special occasion (for example, a book may be donated to commemorate the baptism of a child, a marriage, or anniversary). A special book plate will be added to the book. Please contact the librarian for book suggestions or questions,  Nancy Pollack 301-845-8265


Pamphlets, small prayer books, and other religious materials which have been donated but cannot be included in the library collection are located in a small basket on the library shelf. Please take, use and share these free materials.


Help is needed to keep the library running and increase its visibility in the Parish. Some tasks can be done at home while others involve work at the library. Contact the librarian to learn how you can help.


A spreadsheet catalog is available on line and organizes books by title, author, and category. Unless you are looking for a specific book, spending some time browsing the shelves can be the best way to find many great books.

Books in the library are organized by the following general categories:

A/M       ART/MUSIC: Books about religious art, music and poetry

ANG      ANGELS: All things relating to angels

AP     APOLOGETICS: Writings which give a rational basis for the Catholic/Christian faith. Defense of the faith against objections and other world views

BIO   BIOGRAPHY: Lives of the saints, martyrs and holy people, and personal stories of faith experiences and conversions

CDA   ADULT CDs & CDAM ADULT MUSIC CDs: Music and information on CD for adults and teens, including books on tape

CDJ     JUVENILE CDs: Music and information on CD for children

CHH   CHURCH HISTORY: Historical events in the Church, from Her beginning through today

 DVD   DVDs: Movies, documentaries, studies, etc on DVD for adults, teens and family viewing

DVDJ  JUVENILE DVDs: Movies and documentaries suitable for Pre-school and Elementary School ages

DOC      DOCTRINE: Catechisms, Encyclicals, and Fundamental teachings

 ESP        SPANISH LANGUAGE: Books, movies, CDs, and other items in Spanish

 EVA       EVANGELIZATION: Spreading the faith

 FAP       FAMILY AND PARENTING: Advice, humor, and inspirational stories involving Catholic Family Life

FIC     FICTION: Novels for adults, sometimes based on actual events and people

JUB        JUVENILE BOOKS : Books suitable for Pre-school and Elementary School ages

L/S          LITURGY AND SACRAMENTS: Aids to understanding the Mass, the seven Sacraments, and other Church rituals

 MAR   MARIAN: All about Mary, the Mother of God

 MSI        MORALITY, SOCIAL ISSUES, AND LIFE SKILLS: Topics affecting our lives in the world today

 MU        MUSIC MINISTRY: Materials for music ministers in the parish

P/D         PRAYERS/DEVOTIONS: Fundamental prayers of the Church, devotions to Saints, Novenas, and topical prayers

REF        REFERENCE: Background and historical information

 SCR        SCRIPTURE: Bibles and Biblical studies

 SPI        SPIRITUALITY: The self-disciplining faith practices of religious believers, including ascetics and monks

 YAB       YOUNG ADULT BIOGRAPHY : Lives of the saints, martyrs and holy people and personal stories of faith experiences and conversions suitable for Middle School/High School ages

 YAF       YOUNG ADULT FICTION:  Novels for Middle School and High School ages, sometimes based on actual events and people

YAN      YOUNG ADULT NON-FICTION: Any factual information pertaining to the Church, suitable for Middle School and High School ages

 YM        YOUTH MINISTRY: Aids for catechists working with youth