Mission Trip to Nicaragua

Parish Mission: Nicargua

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From the Deck  of our Pastor:

As part of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, one of the things that we are called to do is to engage in corporal works of mercy. While thinking about ways in which Saint Timothy’s parishioners could be invited to participate in works of mercy, an opportunity presented itself for a group of us to travel to Nicaragua and build a home for a low income family. We will be partnering with The Fuller for Housing, a Christian non-profit organization based in Americus, Georgia. The Fuller Center has people on the ground in Nicaragua (and other places around the world) who are skilled at providing for all of the needs of groups of people who travel there for work. They work with the families for whom they build homes, and coordinate skilled tradesmen who guide the work and provide tools, training and raw materials. The Fuller Center was founded by Millard Fuller who was also the original founder and president of Habitat for Humanity. Mr. Fuller passed away in 2009, but his legacy of providing quality affordable housing continues. To learn more about the Fuller Center click here.  We are blessed at Saint Timothy’s to have 2 parishioners, John Manchester and John Metcalfe who have participated in projects to Ghana, Nicaragua, and Peru with The Fuller Center. John Manchester has agreed to coordinate a trip for a group of parishioners with John Metcalfe’s support and assistance. The trip is tentatively scheduled for November 5 through 12, 2016. I am looking forward to being a part of this and working side by side with a group of parishioners to build a home in Nicaragua. This has even inspired me to renew my membership at the YMCA and begin getting in shape! If you are interested in coming along, please reach out to John Manchester for more information.
John will also schedule an information sharing session in the near future to provide details of this trip. In addition, there are many parishioners who will not be able to participate in person. It would be wonderful to see the financial support of the entire parish community offset some of the costs of this mission.